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Eliminate Delayed Payments and Slow Documentation

Effortlessly save hundreds of dollars per load with PowerPay. PowerPay simplifies logistics with a pay-as-you-go system that automates documentation and ensures shippers can confirm proper, condition-intact load deliveries.

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Say Goodbye to 30-60-90

The traditional 30-60-90 day payment cycle has long burdened the freight industry, with shippers extending payments to capitalize on borrowed funds, brokers delaying over documentation discrepancies, and carriers resorting to costly invoice factoring to maintain cash flow. 

Enter PowerPay, the game-changing solution designed to streamline and expedite the payment process. By automating documentation and ensuring swift, secure transactions, PowerPay eliminates the inefficiencies of prolonged payment terms. 

This not only enhances operational efficiency for all parties involved but also stabilizes financial management for carriers, freeing them from the cycle of debt and delayed payments. With PowerPay, the industry can finally move towards a more sustainable and profitable future, where payments are processed quickly, allowing businesses to focus on growth rather than financial juggling.

Save On Every Load

The logistics of managing manual invoices, Bills of Lading (BOL), Certificates of Insurance (COI), and other necessary documents for each load can be a hidden drain on resources. Most companies overlook the added personnel required to handle these tasks—often repeatedly and by multiple parties within the supply chain.

By simply eliminating the delayed payment process, companies can save hundreds of dollars per load. When you integrate automatic documentation into the equation, the financial benefits multiply, leading to significant overall savings for each company involved.

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PowerPay - The Solution You Need

Enter PowerPay: a streamlined, pay-as-you-go solution that revolutionizes how documentation and payments are handled. This system not only automates the entire documentation process but also ensures that shippers retain the control needed to verify the proper delivery of loads in good condition.

The PowerPay Impact

The impact? Companies are discovering daily, monthly, and yearly savings amounting to thousands of dollars by adopting PowerPay's efficient approach.

This shift not only puts them in firmer control of their finances by minimizing accounts payable tasks but also offers a clearer, more consistent view of their financial health.

Furthermore, the reliance on factoring companies by carriers becomes a thing of the past, marking a win-win for all parties in the freight ecosystem.

Everything shippers and carriers need, in one place.

Save thousands of dollars and valuable time with one easy to use tool made for the trucking industry.

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