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Contract With Confidence with LoadRate™

LoadRate™ is a feedback system for shippers & carriers that creates confidence, encourages professionalism, and helps eliminate fraud.

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Want to avoid surprises with your next load? How valuable would it be to know the reliability of shippers and carriers in advance?

LoadRate™ offers the perfect solution! Now, both shippers and carriers have the power to rate each other on every load, ensuring transparency and reliability in every transaction.

Every Load is Rated

Every Load is Rated

Unlike other rating systems that merely scratch the surface with basic positive and negative feedback, LoadRate™ delves deeper, tracking every single load hauled.

By calculating ratings based on all loads hauled or contracted, LoadRate™ provides a crystal-clear snapshot of performance, offering unparalleled insight into the true reliability of shippers and carriers.


Say goodbye to surface-level assessments and hello to comprehensive clarity with LoadRate™!

Elevate The Freight Industry with LoadRate's Private & Public Feedback System

LoadRate™ revolutionizes freight standards with its dual feedback system, offering private and public ratings.

Carriers can discreetly assess drivers, fostering personal growth, while public ratings encourage industry-wide accountability. This approach enhances performance and curtails poor practices, elevating the freight arena's quality and reliability.

FMCSA Ratings to Match Carriers with the Right Opportunities

LoadRate™ innovatively integrates the FMCSA rating system, setting a new industry standard. By leveraging government ratings, our platform ensures that carriers only see loads that match their FMCSA rating level.


This strategic filtering promotes safety and compliance, while also guiding carriers towards loads they're best suited for, enhancing operational efficiency and reliability across the freight landscape.

Everything shippers and carriers need, in one place.

Save thousands of dollars and valuable time with one easy to use tool made for the trucking industry.

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