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Disputes between shippers and carriers are commonplace all throughout the freight industry. Whether dealing with delayed shipments, damaged goods, or unpaid detention fees, disputes like these can have a huge impact on the bottom line of both shippers and carriers.

But what if there was a way to ensure that disputes are settled fairly and effectively every time? Enter Cashfreight’s DisputeSolver™ feature. With DisputeSolver™ both shippers and carriers alike can rest assured that any disputes that occur will be resolved quickly, efficiently, and without the involvement of a broker.


As anyone who works in freight will tell you, disputes are a common occurrence in the industry, causing frustration and an increasing lack of trust between shippers and carriers. Disputes like these can be time-consuming and costly for both sides, and brokers often discourage carriers from pursuing disputes, threatening to withhold future loads or even blacklist them altogether.

Dispute resolution services like Cashfreight’s DisputeSolver™ address these issues by providing a fair and transparent resolution process that completely takes the broker out of the picture.

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DisputeSolver™ is our innovative dispute resolution services feature that enables shippers and carriers to resolve disputes amicably and without the intervention of an outside party. DisputeSolver™ keeps shippers and carriers in charge of the load and allows both parties to communicate and negotiate a resolution that’s fair to both parties.

We know that shippers want to keep their money with them until the job is 100% complete and it takes time to look over old invoices multiple times, and we’ve addressed all these issues with DisputeSolver™.

DisputeSolver™ takes all information into consideration when settling a dispute including the agreed upon load pickup and delivery dates as well as other aspects including detention fees, damaged goods, and any other issues that might arise during the transportation process, ensuring an impartial resolution every time.


DisputeSolver™ can provide several benefits to both shippers and carriers who use the Cashfreight platform. Not only do both shippers and carriers save time and money by solving disputes quickly and efficiently, but they also retain control of the load and resolution process ensuring that a fair agreement is reached.


Not to mention, without any brokers involved, carriers won’t ever be discouraged from pursuing a dispute with a shipper. Carriers simply don’t have to worry about being blacklisted for keeping their own best interest in mind anymore, improving their likelihood, or securing new loads in the future.


DisputeSolver™ also works great with other Cashfreight features like our feedback module called LoadRate™, which allows both shippers and carriers to rate everyone that they work with.


This, in combination with DisputeSolver™, incentivizes both parties to provide better service, as well as show more compassion towards each other when resolving disputes, further building trustworthy and loyal relationships between shippers and carriers everywhere.


Here at Cashfreight, we want to make sure that shippers and carriers all over the country are treated fairly and taken care of, and DisputeSolver™ is just one of the many revolutionary ways we’re making that happen.

Everything shippers and carriers need, in one place.

Save thousands of dollars and valuable time with one easy to use tool made for the trucking industry.

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