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As a carrier, you know that the transportation industry can be tough to navigate. With constantly changing regulations and fierce competition, it can be difficult to stay ahead of the game. Lucky for you, is here to help. Our powerful shipping management software can help carriers like you overcome common challenges and grow your business.


One of the biggest challenges carriers face is finding and securing high-paying loads. This can be a time-consuming process that requires a lot of effort, especially when dealing with multiple shippers and brokers.

Another issue carriers often face is cash flow. In an industry where payments can take weeks or even months to come through, carriers may struggle to pay their drivers on time or maintain their equipment.


At, we offer a range of powerful tools that can help carriers overcome these common challenges while increasing efficiency and reducing costs.


The central feature of is our fully automated load board which allows carriers like you to quickly and easily find the exact type of load that you want to carry when you want to carry it.

Our load board is updated in real-time, providing carriers with all of the most recent information on available loads. As a carrier, you can also filter search results based on location, load type, and the equipment that you have available making it easier to find the right load for you.


Our PowerNegotiator feature allows carriers to negotiate prices on their own behalf, ensuring that you never have to accept a load without securing fair compensation.

While shippers will post the maximum amount they are willing to pay for a load to be delivered on the load board, carriers can then either OfferUp, if the set price is too low, OfferDown, if it can be done for cheaper, or LoadItNow, which allows the load to be picked up immediately for a less expensive price.

With PowerNegotiator, carriers can ensure that they receive fair payment for their work and secure loads whenever they want one.


Our software includes GPS Load Tracking, allowing for more transparency between carrier, shipper, and receiver. The more information a shipper and receiver have the better, so providing them with constant updates is a great way to maintain and improve relationships between carriers and shippers.


Our PowerPay  feature allows carriers to receive payment for their loads in as little as 48 hours so that carriers can worry less about getting paid and focus more on making more deliveries.


LoadBook is an innovative feature that automates the documentation process, making it easier for carriers to manage the paperwork involved in the shipment process. With LoadBook, carriers can keep track of contracts and other documents automatically, reducing the risk of errors.


LoadRate is a rating system for shippers and carriers which allows carriers to make informed decisions based on the performance of their partners. By looking at a shipper’s rating, a carrier can determine who they want to work with based on past performance.

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