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Onboard & Filter With Ease

Onboard even faster with CashFreight Filters. Throw out time consuming manual onboarding and filter by insurance values, FMCSA ratings, and past performances that meet your criteria.


Automatically Scan & Verify Electronically FMCSA and COI revolutionizes user onboarding by automating the process, significantly reducing time and effort. By automatically scanning the FMCSA website and the Certificate of Insurance (COI) for essential insurance information, our system verifies details electronically within seconds.

This streamlined approach not only accelerates onboarding but also ensures accuracy and compliance, making the entry process swift and hassle-free for users.

Filter And Save Valuable Time

Our platform empowers users to make informed decisions by offering advanced filtering options for selecting carriers and shippers. Users can refine their choices based on crucial criteria such as insurance values, FMCSA ratings, peer reviews through LoadRate, and historical performance.

This targeted approach ensures that contracts are made with the most reliable and suitable partners, enhancing safety, compliance, and overall satisfaction in the load contracting process.

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Quality Contracting and Raising the Bar

Our sophisticated database meticulously stores all pertinent information, creating a robust system that rewards excellence and integrity in the freight industry. This setup naturally filters access to load contracts, making it challenging for carriers with poor ratings to view and secure loads.

Conversely, users boasting higher ratings enjoy enhanced visibility and the opportunity to contract more loads automatically. This merit-based system incentivizes quality service, promoting a healthier, more competitive environment where reliability and performance are key to success.

Filters in Action

Imagine a scenario where a shipper has a high-value load needing transportation. Through, they post the load and set specific requirements: only carriers with a 4-star rating or higher, insurance coverage of at least $500,000, and an FMCSA rating of Conditional, Satisfactory, or better can view and bid on this load. This ensures that only the most qualified carriers have access to high-value freight, providing peace of mind to the shipper.

On the flip side, for a less expensive load, the shipper might opt for broader accessibility. They could lower the bar to include carriers with insurance coverage of $100,000, any FMCSA rating, even unsatisfactory, and a minimal 1-star rating. This flexibility allows shippers to adjust their requirements based on the value and risk associated with each load.

delivery-truck.png supports this nuanced approach by automatically filtering carriers' ability to see and contract loads based on their FMCSA Operating status—whether Active, Authorized, Not Authorized, Inactive, or Out of Service. This automated, criteria-based system ensures that loads are matched with the most appropriate carriers, streamlining the process and enhancing efficiency and security for both shippers and carriers.

Everything shippers and carriers need, in one place.

Save thousands of dollars and valuable time with one easy to use tool made for the trucking industry.

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