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Get Immediate Exposure To Carriers Nationwide With CashFreight

Your time is too valuable to spend looking into a load only to find out it has already been contracted.

No more waiting for long system updates or manual removal of loads, CashFright updates automatically and in real-time.

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Easily Reach Carriers Nationwide streamlines logistics with real-time, automatic updates. By posting a load, shippers instantly broadcast it across multiple load boards, ensuring nationwide carrier visibility. This efficient system provides shippers with immediate, widespread coverage, simplifying the process of finding reliable carriers and enhancing overall logistics efficiency.

No More Wasted Time on Loads

Our automated system revolutionizes load management by instantly removing contracted loads from all boards, eliminating manual updates and human intervention. This efficiency boost streamlines operations, ensuring a faster, more reliable process for brokers and carriers.

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Always Up-to-Date

Gain unwavering confidence with our system that ensures information on loads is always current. Our comprehensive updates cover every critical milestone: from the moment a load is picked up, through to its delivery, and right up to when payment is distributed.


This real-time tracking not only enhances transparency but also facilitates smoother operations, allowing all parties involved to stay informed at every step of the logistics process. With this level of detailed oversight, you can trust in the accuracy and timeliness of the data, ensuring seamless transactions and operations.

Everything shippers and carriers need, in one place.

Save thousands of dollars and valuable time with one easy to use tool made for the trucking industry.

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