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In a competitive high demand industry


Shippers, Manufacturers or Farmers, get free freight rate quotes and recommendations that will help you be a professional shipper. 


No need to hire a broker, post your load on for instant recommendations that will ensure your load is contracted quickly. 


Use our automated LoadItNow and OfferUp OfferDown negotiation system for instant offers from carriers across the USA. We draw from a large database of carriers qualified, insured, and recommended by the FMCSA. 


Feel secure that your goods will be properly handled by professional carriers and drivers for the best rates available. 


Our automated documentation process will instantly produce and send bills of lading (BOL), load confirmations, invoices and payments quickly and efficiently.  


Follow your load from your computer dashboard as drivers transport your merchandise from pick up location to drop off location safely and on time. provides the only driver, carrier, and shipper feedback system in the industry, this encourages a professional climate for all involved. 


If you do have an issue with your load use our dispute resolution system to track the issue and resolve it quickly.

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Getting a quote is quick and simple with this website.  We like being able to post our own loads and control the processes of negotiation, contracting, documentation and feedback.  saving a lot of money. Super Soil USA


Our PowerPay system will save you time and money.  Pay it once and eliminate the hours of time involved in reviewing, entering , printing and sending documentation. Let our PowerPay system do the work for you.


In a world where time is a premium, let the power of automation eliminate the repetitive tasks that require soooo much time and effort.  Eliminate or reduce jobs that can be done with automation. 

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