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Freight brokers often struggle with numerous challenges in their daily operations, including finding profitable loads for their clients and managing multiple carriers with different requirements and procedures.

The paperwork involved in the transportation process can also be incredibly time-consuming, error-prone, and difficult to manage, resulting in delays and increased overhead costs.

Lucky for brokers everywhere, offers the best freight brokerage software available, providing comprehensive solutions to address these issues, streamlining operations, increasing efficiency, and reducing costs.


Freight brokers face many issues daily, including having difficulty finding the right loads for their clients due to market constraints or increased competition. Managing multiple carriers can also be overwhelming, as juggling multiple different carrier requirements and procedures can lead to increased workload and costs.

The paperwork involved in the transportation process is another challenge that freight brokers face, with contracts, bills of lading, and other documents requiring time-consuming and error-prone processes that can lead to delays and increased costs.

HOW CASHFREIGHT.COM CAN HELP offers the best software for freight brokers, providing a range of innovative tools to streamline operations, increase efficiency, and reduce costs.

FULLY AUTOMATED LOAD BOARD's fully automated load board is the central feature of its freight brokerage software. It enables brokers to find profitable loads quickly and easily.

The load board is updated in real-time, providing brokers with up-to-date information on available loads. Additionally, brokers can filter their search results by location, equipment type, and load size, making it easier to find the right loads for their clients.


PowerNegotiator is a feature that allows for load rates to be negotiated before a load gets shipped. By using OfferUp, OfferDown, or LoadItNow, brokers can ensure that costs will be as low as possible.

GPS LOAD TRACKING's freight brokerage software also includes GPS Load Tracking which enables freight brokers to track the location and condition of their shipments in real-time.

With this feature, brokers can monitor the status of their shipments, ensuring that they are delivered on time and in good condition, while also enabling brokers to optimize their routes and schedules, reducing fuel costs and increasing efficiency in the process.


PowerPay is a feature included in's software that enables brokers to pay carriers instantly, eliminating the need for factoring. Carriers can receive payment within 48 hours of delivering the load, improving the relationship between brokers and carriers.


LoadBook is an innovative feature of's freight brokerage software that automates the documentation process, making it easier for brokers to manage the paperwork involved in the transportation process. With LoadBook, brokers can generate contracts, bills of lading, and other documents automatically, reducing the risk of errors and delays.


LoadRate is a rating system for shippers and carriers which allows brokers to make informed decisions based on the performance of their partners. With LoadRate, brokers can assess the reliability and efficiency of carriers and shippers, ensuring that they can trust who they work with.

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