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Updated: Apr 27, 2023

Save Big on Freight!!

Less Time, Money, Effort with a Better Experience!!

The freight industry has been built on 50 year old processes, including subscription fees, and middlemen to help keep products moving to customers or trucks on the road. Is it really necessary for carriers to pay $99 to $1200 per month just to get load information? Is it necessary to pay 10 - 20% on broker fees? Is it necessary to pay 5-10% on dispatching fees? Is it necessary to pay 1 - 5% on factoring fees? Is it necessary to pay employees to waste time on repetitive tasks?

We believe that freight should not be complicated, frustrating, expensive or time consuming! We believe in constant innovation and improvement of freight processes and open access to freight resources.

We are striving to improve the freight industry by:

Providing a True Nationwide Database with Free Sign Up

Eliminating Subscription Fees with Free Posting and Free Searching,

Reducing Labor with Automation of Repetitive and Time Consuming Tasks,

Eliminating the Middlemen by Connecting Shippers and Carriers directly!

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