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Updated: Apr 27, 2023

The freight industry has been built on 50 year old processes, including

The broker control of rates, 30-60 day terms, heavy government oversight and regulations, Factoring, Middlemen, and Endless Equipment breakdowns, some of these processes have made it hard to keep products moving to customers and trucks on the road. Is it really necessary for bottlenecks in loading and unloading times? Is it necessary to delay payment to those that are providing a service for us? Is it necessary to be mandated by government regulations ? Is it necessary to give hard earned money to middlemen? Is it necessary to be frustrated with endless breakdowns and fraud?

We believe that moving freight can be positive, simple, straight forward, direct, and built on accountability ! We believe that accountability, and honesty is the basis of success.

We are striving to improve the freight industry by:

Eliminating Middlemen through Direct Shipper Carrier Relationships,

Eliminating Debt and Terms with Immediate Payments,

Reducing Fraud through Automatic Scanning of SaferSys, and Verification of Users,

Providing Direct Feedback on Every Load,

Reducing Government Regulations through Ratings,

Reducing Breakdowns through Honest Positive Ratings!

Introducing ...



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