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The Only Load Board You'll Ever Need

When we need a load quick, it is great to have the option to LoadItNow. Not only does it give us instant contracting of our load, but it gets us on the road quicker. Fresh Express USA INC

What Is LoadItNow™?

LoadItNow™ is just one of the many features that allow the load board to cut shipping costs and speed up the load contracting process.  LoadItNow™ allows for instant and automatic load contracting at a reduced price, making it easier for shippers to contract loads quickly and carriers to ensure that they have a load to carry.

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How Does LoadItNow™ Work?

LoadItNow™ is a feature of our automated load board but to understand how it works and how it can benefit both shippers and carriers, you’ll need to know a bit more about how’s load board normally works.

The Automated Load Board/Platform/Database

The load board is where we connect shippers to carriers. When a shipper has a load that they need to send out, they can post the load on our load board where carriers can see and apply to carry them. is an open database, it allows everyone free access encouraging more loads to be posted, searched, and contracted. “All Loads in one place.” 


When posting a load, the shipper will need to include all sorts of useful information including the maximum offer amount that they are willing to spend to ship the load, the load expiration date, and the date and time when it needs to be picked up, and delivered. Don’t worry, our LoadAssist™ detail recommendation system will help recommend times, safety needs, FMCSA requirements, and pricing. Even the most inexperienced shipper can be a professional with


From the time that the load is posted until the load expires, carriers can use PowerNegotiator to OfferUp™ if the carrier thinks the price is too low, or OfferDown™ if the carrier is willing to carry the load for a lower price. 


Once the load expires, the carrier with the lowest bid is awarded the contract to carry the load. 

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The LoadItNow™ feature allows carriers to bypass the whole bidding process by contracting the load at a lower price to allow the carrier to contract and pick up the load immediately.


This allows shippers to save time and money on the loads that they need to have delivered and ensures that carriers have a load to carry when they need one.

How Does LoadItNow™ Help Shippers?

LoadItNow™ is great for shippers because it allows shippers to get the best price for their load while saving time by letting a load be picked up immediately, instead of waiting for the load to expire.

As a shipper, you’ll be able to keep your clients happy with reduced shipping times while also cutting back on your business expenses in the process.

How Does Load It Now Help Carriers?

Competition between carriers on the load board can be stiff, and only the carrier with the lowest bid will be able to carry the load. However, with LoadItNow™, a carrier can bypass this whole process and contract a new load immediately.


As a carrier, using LoadItNow™ can help you ensure that you can contract an exclusive load without having to call a broker for non-exclusive loads that are already covered. You can always have a load to carry whenever you want one, reducing the uncertainty of having a load, while also cutting back on the downtime you have between loads.

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