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Updated: Apr 27, 2023

Get Off the Phone!!

Have More Fun!

The freight industry has been built on 50 year old processes, including endless phone calls, and direct negotiations, to help keep products moving to customers and trucks on the road. Is it really necessary for us to spend hours on the phone just to negotiate load details? Is it necessary to pay for cell time or phone time? Is it necessary to pay a dispatcher for 8 to 10 hours every day? Is it necessary to worry about getting the best rate? Is it necessary to make others spend all that time negotiating for loads that have already been booked?

We believe that freight should not be complicated, frustrating, expensive or time consuming! We believe that time spent should be productive in leading companies to success!

We are striving to improve the freight industry by:

Providing Simple Automated Negotiations with Complete User Control,

Eliminating Excessive Phone Time with Transparent Negotiation, Reducing Miscommunication with Electronic communication

Reducing Labor with Automation and Instant Load Data Updates,

Eliminating Frustration with Full Transparency and Clear Electronic Communication!



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