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GPS Load Tracking

Revolutionizing the Logistics Industry

Logistics tracking systems have come a long way from paper-based systems to digital solutions that enable businesses to track shipments from start to finish. However, the rise of GPS Load Tracking has taken logistics tracking to a whole new level. is at the forefront of this revolution in the freight industry, offering innovative GPS Load Tracking solutions to shippers, carriers, and receivers. uses a driver's smart device features to track progress on loads eliminating the need for outside or additional GPS tracking systems.

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What is GPS Load Tracking?

GPS Load Tracking involves using GPS-enabled devices to track the location and status of shipments in real time. With GPS Load Tracking, businesses can get up-to-date information about their shipments, including the location. This feature also enables shippers, brokers, and carriers to optimize their logistics operations, reducing delays and increasing efficiency.

Benefits of GPS Load Tracking for Shippers

Shippers can benefit greatly from GPS Load Tracking as it allows them greater control over their shipments. Shippers can make informed decisions by having real-time visibility into their shipments, such as seeing potential delays, automatic calculation of delivery times, knowing where the load is at all times, or addressing issues that may arise during transit. 

This technology also helps maintain customer relationships and improve customer service by providing accurate delivery times and minimizing the risk of lost or damaged shipments.

Benefits of GPS Load Tracking for Carriers

GPS Load Tracking is great for carriers too.  With, carriers can monitor the location and condition of their shipments, ensuring that they are delivered on time and in good condition. Our GPS logistics tracking system also enables carriers to optimize their routes and schedules, reducing fuel costs and increasing efficiency. 

Our GPS Load Tracking can also help carriers to improve their compliance with DOT regulations like driving limits and sleep requirements as well as any other additional regulations.

Benefits of GPS Load Tracking for Receivers

Receivers can benefit from GPS Load Tracking by having real-time visibility into the location and status of their shipments. Our GPS logistics tracking system lets receivers plan their operations more efficiently by giving receivers the information they need to ensure that there is enough staff and sufficient warehouse space when the load is received.

GPS Load Tracking also helps receivers to identify potential issues before they become major problems, allowing them to take action to prevent delays or any potential damage to a load.

Why Choose for GPS Load Tracking? is an automated load board with tons of incredible features, including GPS Load Tracking. With our innovative solutions, shippers, carriers, and receivers can have real-time visibility into their shipments, enabling them to optimize their logistics operations and improve their customer service. also offers a range of other features, including real-time notifications, automated invoicing, and seamless integration with quickbooks software, and elimination of many forms of Logistics software. With our comprehensive load board and logistics tracking system, businesses can streamline their logistics operations, reduce costs, overhead and increase efficiency.

Our GPS Load Tracking is revolutionizing the freight and logistics industries, providing businesses with real-time visibility into their shipments and enabling them to optimize their logistics operations. Shippers, carriers, and receivers can all benefit from this technology, improving their operations and increasing efficiency.

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