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Shippers know that managing logistics can be a complex and time-consuming process. From finding reliable carriers to tracking shipments, there’s no shortage of challenges that can arise. That’s why here at, we offer comprehensive shipping management software that can help shippers like you, streamline your operations and reduce costs. The Best Shipping Software and Shipper Load Board

Common Problems Faced By Shippers

Shippers face several challenges on a daily basis including finding reliable carriers and managing their shipment tracking. They often struggle to streamline communication with carriers and manage their shipping documents, leading to errors and delays.


Shippers may also have difficulty keeping track of all their shipments, especially when dealing with multiple brokers, carriers and shipments. These challenges can lead to the loss of time and money.

So, how Can help?

Finding Reliable Carriers

One of the biggest challenges that shippers face is finding carriers that can reliably transport their goods. With Cashfreight's free to access load board, you can easily find carriers that meet your specific needs. 

Our load board is fully automated, making it easy to post and track shipments, and it’s accessible to a wide network of carriers, so you can find the carrier that fits your specific needs. is a database that is open to everyone. It allows everyone free access encouraging more loads to be posted, searched, and contracted. “All Loads in one place.”

Tracking Shipments

Another challenge that shippers face is tracking their shipments. With Cashfreight's GPS Load Tracking system, you can easily monitor the progress of your shipments in real-time. This helps you stay informed about the location and status of your load to ensure that each load is delivered on time.

Managing Documentation

Keeping track of all the documentation for your shipments can be a time-consuming and error-prone process. With Cashfreight's LoadBook, you can automate the documentation process, reducing the risk of errors and saving you time.  LoadBook™ also keeps everyone involved in the shipment informed, so you can stay up-to-date on its progress.

With InLoadChat™ has load specific chat screens between shipper, receiver, carrier, and driver for enhanced communication and organization of freight processes.

Rating System for Shippers and Carriers

Cashfreight's LoadRate allows shippers and carriers to rate each other, making it easier for shippers to find the best match for their needs. As a shipper, you can look at a carrier’s rating out of 5 and quickly make informed decisions about which carriers you trust and which ones you don’t want to work with.

Negotiating with Carriers

Negotiating with carriers can be time-consuming and labor-intensive. With's PowerNegotiator, you can automate the negotiation process, reducing your payroll costs and increasing your efficiency. 

With options to OfferUp, OfferDown, or LoadItNow, shippers can ensure that they are getting the best possible price for each load.

Getting Paid Quickly

Our PowerPay provides instant payment to carriers, reducing the need for factoring and ensuring that you get paid quickly after your load has been delivered. This can help you maintain a healthy cash flow and reduce your financial risk.

With PowerPay, the longest a payment will ever take to go through is 48 hours, allowing shippers to rest easy knowing that all payments will go through as quickly as possible.

Don’t worry, our LoadAssist™ detail recommendation system will help recommend times, safety needs, FMCSA requirements, and pricing. Even the most inexperienced shipper can be a professional with

If you're a shipper looking for the best shipping software and shipper load boards, is the perfect tool for you. From finding reliable carriers to tracking your shipments, our comprehensive shipping solution can help you manage your logistics more efficiently and effectively.

DisputeSolver™  is our Dispute Resolution System. Should there be a dispute, allows shippers, receivers, and carriers to resolve minor disputes (amounts below the contract price) through live chat sessions, picture sharing and negotiation. If dispute is not resolvable or within price limits, all information and pictures associated with disputes can be forwarded to insurance companies for resolution.

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