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Updated: Apr 27, 2023

  • This is our proprietary payment process.

  • Recommends load prices based on an algorithm using average price per mile, fuel costs, and additional expenses.

  • Load prices are automatically upgraded for items that require additional or hidden costs. (i.e., Lumper fees, pallets, scale)

  • The payment for the load is automatically collected from the shipper when load is contracted.

  • Payment is held in our trust account.

  • Payment is automatically paid to the carrier when load is delivered and approved.

  • ZoomBroker fee is automatically paid to broker when load is delivered and approved.

  • In the case of a dispute, funds will be distributed as disputes are resolved.

  • This payment process eliminates terms, credit checks, collections, factoring, and reduces the time, risk and overhead involved in the current payment process.

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