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Updated: Jul 12, 2023

Though the freight industry is largely dominated by large semi-trucks that carry containers from place to place, they aren’t the only vehicles used to carry freight down the road. There are tons of other options to choose from including sprinter vans, which are ideal for moving smaller quantities of goods.

Sprinter vans are a great choice in lots of different situations and free load boards that can connect shippers with carriers who operate these vans make it easier for shippers to get their loads shipped and carriers to find new loads. So what is a sprinter van, when should you use them, and what are the best free load boards for sprinter vans?


A sprinter van is a type of commercial vehicle that’s bigger than a standard cargo van but still much smaller than the semi-trucks you see driving down the highway. They’re often used to transport smaller loads that don’t need a full semi-truck and can be called upon if a shipper needs to transport a load at a moment's notice.

Sprinter vans have become increasingly popular throughout the freight industry because of their smaller size and superior flexibility. They’re also more fuel efficient and easily maneuverable making them ideal for delivering loads directly to businesses in tight, high-traffic areas.

Sprinter vans are also great for carrying perishable goods because they can be easily equipped with refrigeration units and are commonly used for expedited shipping because they are faster than semi-trucks and can more easily deliver directly to storefronts.


Because sem-trucks are king in the freight industry, many load boards don’t have options to ship loads with sprinter vans, leaving sprinter van owners and operators as well as the shippers who need them out of luck.

Still, there are a few free load boards to choose from when it comes to finding sprinter vans to carry your goods. Here are the best ones.


Cashfreight is a free automated load board that allows shippers to post loads of all different sizes and for all different types of commercial vehicles including sprinter vans. The platform is easy to use, operates all over the country, and is 100% free to use.

Their app comes makes posting and accepting loads on the go simple and easy and in addition to their automated load board, Cashfreight offer a whole suite of useful logistics tools that can help you streamline every other part of the shipping process. When it comes to free load boards for sprinter vans, Cashfreight is no donut the best.


Trucker Path is another great load board for sprinter vans. However, while it is technically free to use, there is a hard limit to the number of searches you can do daily with the only way to get around this limit being by upgrading to a paid account.


Shiply is another solid free load board that has options for sprinter vans. The load board is completely free to use no matter what. The only fee you’ll have to pay is when you actually post or accept a load. Still, Shiply is a great option, especially if you are simply browsing around for loads or carriers.

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